Case Management Workgroup

The HASD&IC Case Management Workgroup identifies and addresses regulatory, public policy, and reimbursement issues related to our community’s post-acute care needs. Workgroup members work closely with other health care and community partners on transitions of care to support optimal health and recovery for patients when they are leaving the acute care settings. Participants include Directors of Case Management, Directors of Clinical Services, Directors of Social Services, Directors of Community Program Development, Assistant Nursing Officers; and represent the full range of services provided within our region’s hospitals.

quality leaders

The opportunity to connect with like-minded colleagues can accelerate the knowledge, skills, and experience needed for quality leader and patient safety success. The Regional Quality and Patient Safety Leader Network is a regional vehicle for engagement, communication, and problem solving amongst our hospital quality leaders and associated organizations on quality and patient safety issues.

Aims of the Network:

  • Provide formal and informal opportunities to establish relationships between quality leaders throughout the region and beyond;
  • Create a platform for steady exchange, collaboration, and connection with like-minded leaders on organizational challenges, seemingly intractable problems, and critical topics related to health care quality and patient safety;
  • Become a “think tank” for new ideas and a test bed for new concepts, designs, and solutions; and
  • Become a connect point for local chapters of national quality and patient safety organizations.

For more information contact:

Caryn Sumek, MPH
Vice President