Key Issues

The primary focus of the Hospital Association of San Diego & Imperial Counties (HASD&IC) is to provide our members with advocacy at the city, county and regional level while supporting the California Hospital Association (CHA) at the state and federal levels.

HASD&IC is committed to continuing to:

  • Enhance our capabilities for effective advocacy with city, county and regional governmental entities;
  • Share member concerns and recommendations with CHA staff;
  • Connect members with CHA staff for technical expertise and public testimony;
  • At CHA’s direction, work with state and federal elected officials in their district;
  • Connect HASD&IC Board discussions to the CHA public policy development process.


2018 Behavioral Health Analysis

November 2018

This point-in-time analysis was conducted in 2017-2018 to gain a deeper understanding of the behavioral health challenges faced by San Diego patients. Issues examined included pre-acute, acute, and post-acute services and the impact of social determinants of health on access and outcomes. Ultimately, the findings are intended to support further research efforts and to promote collaboration between San Diego County Behavioral Health Services and other community organizations providing behavioral health services in San Diego.

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2017 Economic & Key Issues Report

January 2018

This report highlights the economic contributions hospitals of San Diego and Imperial Counties provide to the region, the pressures of an evolving industry, and the challenges of delivering vital health care services within an environment of change.

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For more information contact:

Dimitrios Alexiou, FACHE
President & CEO