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BMG Money, Inc.

BMG Money provides a voluntary employee benefit that is proven to help employers reduce workforce turnover. In a study regarding a health system with over 13,000 employees in Florida, the overall conclusion was: LoansAtWork’s participants had a lower attrition rate compared to the general employee cohort. The program’s participants had a higher retention rate of […]

5 Things To Know: EMS Mobile App, Discharge Delays Survey, Respiratory Virus Surges, Equity Of Care Award, CHA Seismic Webinar Recording:

EMS MOBILE APP: The San Diego County EMS Office has released a new EMS Mobile App, available to the community at It allows users to easily search through all protocols and policies using keywords. In addition, users can bookmark specific protocols and policies to quickly access them at any time. The EMS Mobile App also […]

Associate Member Spotlight: ProcureAmerica and SpeedTrack

ProcureAmerica is the country’s leading business intelligence services company supporting health care organizations with enterprise cost reduction strategies. Our review teams focus on six select cost categories and average over 34% savings: resulting in lower cost, vendor transparency, and operational efficiencies. Expenses are rising and revenue is shrinkingLet us help your organization with strategic cost […]