2018 HASD&IC Regional Priorities

HASD&IC’s 2018 Regional Policy Priorities are driven by a shared vision with CHA and the Regional Associations of an optimally healthy society and goal that all Californians have equitable, safe, high quality, medically necessary, patient-centered health care.

The primary focus of the Hospital Association of San Diego & Imperial Counties (HASD&IC) is to provide advocacy on behalf of our members at city, county, and regional level, and support CHA at the state and federal level. In partnership with CHA, HASD&IC works with state and federal elected officials in their districts. HASD&IC serves as a unified voice to represent and promote the value of hospitals to elected officials, health care stakeholders, and to the communities they serve through effective advocacy, cross-sector convening, and education.

Priorities for 2018 are: Access to Care, Behavioral Health, Emergency Services, Hunger and Health, Government Regulations & Mandates, Medi-Cal & Medicare Reimbursement, Workforce, and Quality & Patient Safety.

Addressing these issues will alleviate the financial pressures faced by members, increase access to care, remove barriers to effective population health management, and lead us closer to the Association’s vision of an optimally healthy society.

2018 hasdic regional priorities infographic

For more information contact:

Dimitrios Alexiou, FACHE
President & CEO