Regional Quality & Patient Safety Leader Network

quality leaders

The opportunity to connect with like-minded colleagues can accelerate the knowledge, skills, and experience needed for quality leader and patient safety success. The Regional Quality and Patient Safety Leader Network is a regional vehicle for engagement, communication, and problem solving amongst our hospital quality leaders and associated organizations on quality and patient safety issues.

Aims of the Network:

  • Provide formal and informal opportunities to establish relationships between quality leaders throughout the region and beyond;
  • Create a platform for steady exchange, collaboration, and connection with like-minded leaders on organizational challenges, seemingly intractable problems, and critical topics related to health care quality and patient safety;
  • Become a “think tank” for new ideas and a test bed for new concepts, designs, and solutions; and
  • Become a connect point for local chapters of national quality and patient safety organizations.

For more information contact:

Robert Imhoff
President, Hospital Quality Institute