California Hospitals are concerned about the need for an adequate supply of highly skilled health professionals to meet the demands for health care services now and in the future. Numerous studies have been completed that validate the need to address critical health professional shortages in nursing and the allied health occupations. However, efforts to implement recommended strategies have been hindered by a lack of a coordinated statewide effort involving health employers, as well as other necessary partners.

As we prepare for and respond to the changing healthcare landscape, hospitals continue to face workforce issues.

HASD&IC will continue to focus on:

  • Collaborating with local partners including workforce investment boards, local universities and Community Colleges.
  • Preparing for emerging and evolving yet-to-be-revealed roles driven by trends in value-based services, population health, integrated networks, and innovations in technology, medical science and genetics.
  • Addressing current and projected workforce regional shortages, including physicians, nurses, mid-levels, laboratory, behavioral health, and information technology;
  • Ensuring that our current workforce has the training required to succeed in this new marketplace by providing training opportunities for the collective hospital community that are more cost-effective and accessible than hospitals can do on their own.

For more information contact:

Caryn Sumek, MPH
Vice President