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Associate Member Spotlight: Community Health Group

Community Health Group, founded in 1982 by a Federally Qualified Health Center, is the only San Diego-based, not-for-profit managed care plan serving California Medi-Cal beneficiaries. Today, they serve nearly 410,000 members throughout San Diego County. As a local plan, Community Health Group lives in the same communities as their members, and they understand the unique needs of those communities. They are dedicated to serving diverse populations, and their workforce is a reflection of the diversity of their members. Their large network of community hospitals, physicians, and other contracted providers offers access to quality care that demonstrates respect for and understanding of members’ linguistic, social, and cultural diversity and their holistic needs.

In their 42 years of service and leadership within the community, they have developed deep and long-standing partnerships with regional and community-based organizations throughout San Diego. They have also built close relationships with their partners, including providers, hospitals, and key stakeholders. These partnerships have shown them both the existing community assets and the challenges for change. They recognize the need for a flexible, collaborative approach to improve and transform systems of care. Their collaborative partnerships and leadership role, enabled by their locally based, not-for-profit governance structure, reflect their mission, culture, and capabilities, all of which are foundational to providing exceptional service and access to quality care for members.

For additional information, visit the Community Health Group website or contact:
• Norma Diaz, CEO,
• Ann Warren, Associate CEO,