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Associate Member Spotlight: Falck Mobile Health 

Falck helps people in urgent need and brings peace of mind to their customers. As a partner to local communities, Falck provides emergency response and health care services wherever they are needed.

For more than a century, Falck has helped keep people safe and healthy. They are committed to advancing sustainable health care, and every step they take is dedicated to making life better, safer, and healthier for more people.

In a world of constant change, exploring new technology and innovating services is important to effectively meet people’s needs and expectations for good health and safety. For Falck, quality care means a holistic approach to health throughout a lifetime. When preventing or treating injuries and illness, Falck considers the body, mind, lifestyle, and their mutual effects on each other. Even as people’s needs change, easy care journeys and access to quality health care allow everyone to feel safe and healthy.

Characterized by a strong, diverse, and inclusive working environment, Falck goes to work every day with the promise to be there when needed.

Caring for All in America’s Finest City | San Diego

Falck is proud to serve America’s eighth largest city. Through an innovative partnership with the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, Falck provides compassionate, high-quality care to residents and visitors alike.

To learn more, visit or contact John Goward, managing director of Falck San Diego, at (781) 831-3321 or