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Associate Member Spotlight: Grossmont Healthcare District

Supporting the health and wellness of East County. 

In 1952, the Grossmont Healthcare District – known at that time as Grossmont Hospital District – was formed to build and operate Grossmont Hospital and take care of the health care needs of San Diego’s East County region. In 1991, the district board leased the hospital operations to Sharp HealthCare. The affiliation agreement included the establishment of a nonprofit entity, Grossmont Hospital Corporation. 

Today, Grossmont Healthcare District continues to serve as landlord of the hospital on behalf of local residents. The district is also the region’s community health agency that supports and partners with many health-related organizations that provide community programs and services in alignment with the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). In addition to assisting these health organizations, the district is an active supporter of health care education and training for the benefit of future generations. The district operates a public Health & Wellness Library, providing reliable health information that is accessible both on-site and online and a wide range of free health and wellness programs. The district also operates a large public auditorium and smaller meeting rooms that are available at no cost to nonprofit organizations for lectures, seminars, workshops, and classes on health-related topics. 

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Contact CEO Christian Wallis at cwallis@gross