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HQI Releases CHPSO Annual Report

TheHospital Quality Institute (HQI) has released its CHPSO Annual Report, an overview of the most significant work done on behalf of hospitals in 2023. HQI is dedicated to improving the quality and safety of patient care in hospitals and health care systems and oversees the Collaborative Health Care Patient Safety Organization (CHPSO). The focus of CHPSO is on improving patient safety and quality of care by collecting, analyzing, and sharing data on adverse events and near misses in health care.   

Report highlights include:   

  • A review of CHPSOData reporting and event category activities  
  • A CHPSO study of medication errors and ways to prevent them  
  • A CHPSO study of systemic failures in care of syphilis patients  
  • An update on HQI’s efforts to combat workplace violence  
  • Safe Table forums and webinars held in 2023    

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