Exodus Recovery, Inc.

The Exodus Recovery philosophy of treatment is grounded in a strong belief in the Whole Person Care model. Exodus promotes an innovative treatment model that integrates physical health, mental health and substance use disorder treatment in order to foster hope, empowerment, self-sufficiency, and recovery to vulnerable high utilizers of community services. Since 1989, Exodus Recovery has worked to design and develop models that have fundamentally changed how health care and social services are delivered, thus enriching and reinforcing the communities we serve. The Exodus model seeks to balance quality, cost efficiency, and positive client and community experience-all key components of a high performing health organization.

Over the course of thirty-one years, Exodus has developed a client-focused, recovery-based system of care that encompasses Psychiatric Health Facilities, Full-Service Partnerships, homeless outreach, and interim housing, mobile health, Wellness Centers, crisis transition and care coordination teams, forensic services, crisis stabilization/urgent care centers, telehealth services, substance use disorder programs, a sobering center, and programs for individuals with Intellectual/ Developmental Disorders. To date, Exodus Recovery has planned, implemented and operationalized programs within four California counties: Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno, and Orange Counties. Exodus currently holds contracts with Department(s) of Mental/Behavioral Health, Department(s) of Health Services/Health and Human Services Agency, Public Health, County Probation, The Regional Center, and the Center for START services. In 2021/2022, Exodus opened two Crisis Stabilization Centers in North San Diego County, as well as a North County mobile crisis Response Team. These efforts have created a continuum of care that includes approximately 1,200 employees and 48 programs and that has fulfilled the strategic objectives of reducing utilization of health systems, medical emergency rooms, law enforcement interventions, limiting hospitalizations, reducing homelessness, and creating safe and secure environments where those with complex conditions can receive compassionate and caring specialized services.

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