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Associate Member Spotlight: ProcureAmerica and SpeedTrack

ProcureAmerica is the country’s leading business intelligence services company supporting health care organizations with enterprise cost reduction strategies. Our review teams focus on six select cost categories and average over 34% savings: resulting in lower cost, vendor transparency, and operational efficiencies.

Expenses are rising and revenue is shrinking
Let us help your organization with strategic cost reduction services today!

  • Waste Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities – Tariff Rate Optimization Study
  • Print Management
  • Linen, Laundry & Uniform
  • Treasury

Business Intelligence that Delivers Results!
For additional information, visit the ProcureAmerica website and contact Vice President of Health Care Services Darrell Stempke at or (714) 483-4509.

SpeedTrack’s mission is to create technology that improves population health. Our patented information solutions enable fast, intuitive access to insights regardless of the size, structure, or complexity of your data.

Bringing Health Care Intelligence to Your Fingertips

  • Population health and strategic planning platform, providing the most comprehensive view of patient care dynamics available for acute care hospitals
  • Population health decision support platform developed for health plans, risk-based contracts, accountable care organizations, and management services organizations
  • Hospital quality information platform (HQIP), available to all members of the California Hospital Association
  • The patient safety platform (CHPSOData) available to members of CHPSO (the patient safety organization, PSO).

For additional information visit the SpeedTrack website and contact CEO Jeff Pratt at or (949) 378-3485.