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Associate Member Spotlight: BMG Money

BMG Money is a leading financial wellness provider that offers LoansAtWork and free financial literacy programs to alleviate the emotional stress and despair threatening employees.   

LoansAtWork is a voluntary employee benefit that empowers health care organizations to assist their employees in avoiding high-interest loans that can pull them deeper into crisis. BMG Money helps employees manage emergency expenses with fixed and affordable payments, escape the grasp of predatory debt, and access the just world of socially responsible and reasonably priced loans. Their mission is particularly crucial in California, where predatory lending rates can exceed 460%. The LoansAtWork program works seamlessly with payroll systems so employees can repay their loans automatically and reliably through payroll deductions over a fixed period of up to two years. Simple. Fast. Affordable.  

BMG Money also offers complimentary financial literacy programs that equip employees with valuable financial management strategies.  

Both programs are available at no cost or risk to the participating organizations.  

To learn more, visit the BMG Money LoansAtWork web page and contact Senior Director of Healthcare Partnerships Amar Sharma at (607) 205-7884 or