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Steve Dietlin of Tri-City Healthcare District Announces Retirement  

Tri-City Healthcare District (TCHD) President and CEO Steve Dietlin has announced his retirement effective in late March 2023, following 10 years of executive leadership with the health care district. 

Dietlin joined TCHD in 2013 as the chief financial officer and was instrumental in orchestrating a financial turnaround of the district. He was appointed to the position of president and CEO in 2016, bringing nearly 30 years of experience in health care management to the role. 

Under Dietlin’s leadership, the medical center launched a number of initiatives to fundamentally improve health care in the region. They include the development of a new inpatient psychiatric health facility as part of a greater vision to improve mental health clinical outcomes through care coordination with community-based crisis stabilization units, a soon-to-be completed 3T magnetic resonance imaging suite that will transform diagnostic imaging in the North County, and an upcoming, much-anticipated emergency room remodel. During his tenure, the district has also become a recognized leader in community engagement through Tri-City’s COASTAL Commitment outreach initiative and other endeavors. 

Dietlin has been an active member of the HASD&IC Board of Directors since 2016 (he served as chair in 2021) and served on the CHA Board of Trustees from 2020 to 2022.

We are grateful for Steve’s leadership, commitment, and contributions to improving quality, access, and collaboration within our many communities of caring and wish him all the best in his retirement!