Biweekly Briefing Articles

5 Things To Know: Cross-Border Vaccination Planning, Tiny Home Village, City Council Special Election

Medi-Cal Managed Care: Last fall, the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) began the process of re-procuring Medi-Cal managed care plan contracts. At the end of April, DHCS provided updates on both San Diego and Imperial counties. Imperial County submitted a request to create a County Organized Health System with California Health and Wellness; San Diego County decided not to pursue a local health initiative model, and DHCS indicated that it will award no more than two Medi-Cal managed care contracts in San Diego County. The draft request for proposal is expected in the next few weeks, but the changes will not take place until 2024.

Cross-Border Vaccination Planning: Discussions continue at a national level on how to support other countries with COVID-19 vaccinations as more U.S. residents are vaccinated and supply will begin to exceed demand, and locally the county of San Diego and city of San Diego are working to ensure coordination with partners across the southern border. As traffic across the border continues to increase and with anticipation of California’s June 15 reopening, there are discussions in San Diego about how to best approach regional vaccinations given Tijuana does not have ample supply at this time. The county of San Diego is looking to expand eligibility to non-residents and will continue to work with its binational partners in weekly meetings to monitor and address any issues.

Tiny Home Village: A collection of 26 tiny homes intended as transitional housing for Imperial Valley College students identified as experiencing homelessness has opened near the El Centro campus. The city of El Centro was one of 94 projects selected for funding statewide through the Homekey Program. Students’ rent will be $200 per month, and they will be required to complete a minimum of 10 hours of community service work in the complex as part of their lease agreement.

San Diego Budget: The city of San Diego is in the process of holding budget review committee meetings to form the city’s budget for fiscal year 2022. Among the initiatives included in the $4.6 billion proposed budget is a $10 million increase in funding to combat homelessness, bringing the city’s total annual funding to $80 million. The final budget will be adopted by the end of June.

LA Mesa City Council: The City Council has decided it will hold a special election to fill the seat of Dr. Akilah Weber, who was elected last month to the 79th Assembly District seat previously held by her mother, Dr. Shirley Weber. The City Council expects the special election to be held with the statewide recall election of Gov. Newsom.