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5 Things To Know: Medi-Cal Enrollment Systems and Disenrollments, White Paper, Supplier Diversity Reports, Overdose Prevention And Outreach, EMS System Plan

MEDI-CAL ENROLLMENT SYSTEMS AND DISENROLLMENTS: The current enrollment system (MyBenefits CalWIN) that hospitals, clinics, schools, and social service providers use to connect San Diegans to CalFresh and Medi-Cal will shut down on June 29. The new system, BenefitsCal, will not be available until July 3. As a result, hospitals will have to use alternate methods for assisting patients with Medi-Cal applications between June 29 and July 3. July 1 is also the first month that Medi-Cal beneficiaries will be disenrolled if they didn’t renew their coverage. Please reach out to Lindsey Wade at with any questions or concerns.

WHITE PAPER: In response to a dramatic rise in workplace violence affecting member hospitals in recent years, the Hospital Quality Institute has developed a white paper: Workplace Violence in Hospitals: Issues, Trends, Prevention, and Response. The paper provides an overview of the challenges faced by hospitals regarding workforce violence and outlines the strategies being undertaken by HQI, the California Hospital Association, and the Regional Associations to support member hospitals. Contact Boris Kalanj, HQI’s director of programs, with any questions or feedback.    

SUPPLIER DIVERSITY REPORTS: The California Hospital Association is reminding members that hospital supplier diversity reports for calendar year 2022 are due on July 1. Hospitals are required to input vendor information via the Hospital Disclosures and Compliance System, which allows hospitals to submit reports electronically. It is important to remember that the Department of Health Care Access and Information will not accept emailed reports. Hospitals must submit a request for a 30-day extension via the system. Email with questions about the system or the Hospital Supplier Diversity program. More details are available in this CHA News article.            

OVERDOSE PREVENTION AND OUTREACH: On June 28 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (PT), the National Overdose Prevention Network is hosting a webinar that will focus on overdose prevention and outreach with LGBTQ+ communities. Panelists will discuss how to best go about overdose prevention, harm reduction, and outreach to LGBTQ+ populations. They will also address opportunities for partnership with local organizations serving the LGBTQ+ community and on-the-ground examples of programs in action.    

EMS SYSTEM PLAN: The Emergency Medical Services Authority has released the California EMS System Strategic Plan, which was developed by the Strategic Planning Advisory Committee. This comprehensive 10-year plan is the result of extensive collaboration and hard work among stakeholders across the state, including the California Hospital Association. The California EMS System Strategic Plan is intended to serve as a crucial guide for efforts to enhance and improve emergency medical services throughout the state.