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Associate Member Spotlight: Athene Law, LLP

Athene Law is revolutionizing the traditional law firm model by combining top-notch and experienced health lawyers in a virtual legal practice. It takes on meaningful and challenging matters to provide health care industry clients with the tools to adapt 20th century rules to a 21st century delivery system.     

Its approach is robust and versatile, and it fiercely advocates to get clients winning results while constantly providing forward-thinking strategies and solutions. Its goal is to optimize the health care system so Athene Law clients can deliver the best and most efficient care to patients, while retaining capacity to understand its clients’ operations, goals, and priorities.   

Its attorneys are experts in Medicare/Medicaid, managed care, corporate and operations, litigation, public policy, and other regulatory and transactional issues for health care entities. Athene Law attorneys have worked for federal and state government, large private law firms, trade associations, and as outside general counsel. With such a diversity of experience, it brings broad insights and an array of perspectives to help navigate the most effective and creative strategies for clients.   

Visit the Athene Law blog for insights and analysis of the most current issues in California health law. For more information, visit the Athene Law website or contact managing partner Felicia Y Sze, Esq., at