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5 Things To Know: COVID-19 After Action Report, Price Transparency Key Messages, Immunization Registry

SDHDC COVID-19 AFTER ACTION REPORT: The San Diego Healthcare Disaster Coalition (SDHDC), in coordination with Constant Associates, a health care preparedness consulting firm, is creating COVID-19 After Action Report (AAR) templates for hospitals and other health care facilities on their responses to date. The idea is to help the SDHDC facilities and partners collect lessons learned, identify facility-specific and coalition-wide key strengths and areas for improvement, and complete their own facility-specific AAR.

As part of this COVID-19 AAR project, an online survey has been created to help collect information that will be used to partially complete the templates. This survey will help inform the strengths, areas for improvement, themes, and topics for the AAR, and help your agency start creating its own AAR by prompting some important questions and topics. A printable worksheet is available for your convenience, but the survey must be completed online. The deadline to complete the survey is Oct. 15.

More than 1,700 facilities, including hospitals, skilled-nursing facilities, behavioral health providers, dialysis centers, community clinics, and other outpatient clinics, in San Diego County received the survey.

SDHDC will also host a series of webinars in November for facilities regulated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and Joint Commission-accredited hospitals  to discuss the AAR development process and provide an opportunity to debrief and discuss shared challenges. Participants are asked to register in advance to ensure participation.

IMMUNIZATION REGISTRY: The San Diego Immunization Registry (SDIR) will be transitioning to the state system, the California Immunization Registry (CAIR2), over this fiscal year. More details on the change are available in the public health officer announcement. In addition, these FAQs provide some important updates on the future of the current local immunization information system.

IMPERIAL COUNTY MEDI-CAL PLAN: On Sept. 21, the Imperial County Board of Supervisors adopted a Medi-Cal single-plan managed care model through an 1115 waiver. The action follows the April ratification of a letter of intent submitted to the Department of Health Care Services to transition the Medi-Cal managed care system in Imperial County from a unique two-plan model, known as the Imperial Model, to a new single-plan model.

Transitioning to a single-plan model will help the county increase, maintain, and secure local oversight of its health plan and further unite the community in improving health. Additionally, it will help build on the foundation and progress  achieved through the Imperial Model and improve the quality and breadth of care provided to Medi-Cal beneficiaries. The Local Health Authority is also exploring federal legislation to develop a new County Organized Health System designation.

FIELD PLACEMENT NEEDED FOR FUTURE WORKFORCE PIPELINE: As hospitals continue to face staffing challenges, local community colleges are working to support the pipeline for the future health care workforce. To help foster the workforce pipeline, community colleges are seeking to enhance/expand their partnerships with local hospitals to help connect students with field placement opportunities. The backlog of students needing field placements has increased this year, as many field placements were ceased or put on hold due to the pandemic.

If your hospital is interested in learning more about how to connect with local community colleges to support the future workforce pipeline, please call Connie Lafuente, MPH, regional director, employer engagement health sector, San Diego/Imperial counties, California Community Colleges, at (619) 644-7647 or email

KEY MESSAGES ON HOSPITAL PRICE TRANSPARENCY: As hospitals continue to work to comply with the hospital price transparency rule, CHA has updated its key messages for hospitals’ use or customization when talking with policy makers, the media, or the public about this issue.